Sunday, December 15, 2019
Studio Recording

Joki Records Recording Studio
We are fully certified Audio Engineers, working with top of the line equipment (see attached for detailed equipment list).

Working with a Digidesign DIGI002 console and Pro-tools we can offer that big studio sound at a small studio price. We have an acoustically treated live room separated from our control room to help capture every bit of the performance, with no interferences.

Working exclusively as a digital studio gives the artist so many more options relating to the sound of the final product. It also gives us the ability to take sessions to other mixing/mastering studios to fine tune the sound.

We also want to cater to the artists every need and request.  So if we don’t have a certain piece of gear you want for your session we can rent in numerous products for any duration of time.

Aside from Music/Sound Recording we also have training in recording sound for video/Post Production. So if you are looking to do some voice over work or are looking for some custom made SFX for your project we can help.


We are proud to announce we are now an official Studio Partner with Disc Makers Partner Program giving us the ability to provide professionally manufactured CD's as well as artist merchandise.



Live Recording

Live Recording from Joki Records

Our studio is very portable, giving us the ability to go on the road and record those live moments that just can’t be replicated in the studio.

We have the ability to multitrack live, as well as using compact stereo recorders to capture a quick mix of a show or any other type of live event.