Sunday, December 15, 2019
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A big brown GMC van with a falcon painted on the side hurtles down the highway, speakers blaring, a young man at the wheel. He's got a grin on his face. The young man is Darren Smylie. Or more accurately, it is Darren Smylie on the road. The road, this one and many others, is an inspiration to this young songwriter who has put many miles on his van, and many more on his guitar. He is a troubadour traveling into a world of teenage escapism: escape from a hometown; to break society's mould, start a new life free from aspirations and regrets, and to rock your socks of while he's at it! His debut recording, the Many Roads EP, is a doorway into a world of carefree travels, sunshine, mountains and good friends, and of course great music. This up-and-coming songwriter is well worth a listen, and keep your ears open for more to come in the future.